RI Veteran Starts Company to Provide Civilians With “Survival Solutions”


Friday, November 11, 2022


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A survival kit for sale on U.S. Survival Solutions

Rhode Island Marine Corps veteran Robert “Bobby” Kells, Jr. has started a company to provide civilians with what they might need in the event of a catastrophic event. 

Kells — along with fellow veteran Bob Smith — recently launched U.S. Survival Solutions, and have been selling out kits at trade shows and at stores, including in Rhode Island. 

“The company was created for lay people not in the space of ‘prepping” — it’s where to begin,” said Kells. “We’re in a very precarious point in time. Sparks could trigger something [globally] at any point.”


Kells, a former Providence Police officer, spent 26 years in the military — four years on active duty with the U.S. Marine Corps, including combat tours in Panama and Operation Just Cause and Operation Desert Storm. He also served a year in the Marine Reserves.

He then spent 21 years in the Army National Guard in the 119th military police company and saw combat tours in cluing Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.  

Now, he wants to use his expertise and knowledge to help civilians equip themselves — and become self-reliant. 


Bugging Out and Bugging In 

“It just takes a spark. We’re just poking the bear,” said Kells of the current geopolitical situation. “People are becoming more self-reliant. The government’s not coming for you. You need food, water, shelter communications, navigation.”

U.S. Survival Solutions website provides a range of products, from emergency survival tool kits, to military surplus combat shelters, and more.

Kells explained that all are designed for multiple scenarios. 

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Kells (left) and Smith (right) at a recent trade show. PHOTO: Kells

“’Bug out’ is when you need to move from point A to point B,” said Kells. “It’s when you need either need to get out, or you need to get home from wherever you’re at.”

“‘Bug in’ is wherever you are, you’re stuck. You’re in place. You can’t go anywhere,” said Kells. 

“What do people need? You need multiple water sources, filtration — a bladder to wear on your back and purification,” said Kells. “You need food — MREs — high energy, with carbohydrates and protein.”

Kells, who is currently employed for contract work for security for diplomats overseas, splits his time between Rhode Island and South Carolina when he is back in the country — and now, traveling to do trade shows. 

In Rhode Island, he has partnered with Firearms Unlimited in Exeter to sell his products — and if people want to purchase firearms, they can do so there, said Kells. 

Kells added the U.S. Survival Solutions products are available online at Walmart and will soon be on Amazon, but that it is explaining to people what they need, face-to face, that he says is the best part of his job. 

“We’re going to be doing more trade shows in April through October,” said Kells “You can do so much online, but people want to see you and talk with you and ask questions.”



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