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New coronavirus cases went up in the 10-community Sun Chronicle region in the week ending June 30 after four consecutive weeks of falling numbers.

Case also went up statewide after five weeks of falling numbers.

In the region, the number of cases increased from 172 in the week ending June 23 to 231 in the week ending June 30.

That was an increase of 34.3%.

The total number of cases for the region since the pandemic began in March 2020 now stands at 42,168.

Statewide the average number of cases per day went from 1,304 in the week ending June 23 to 1,418 in the week ending June 30.

That was an increase of 8.74%.

The total number of cases statewide for the week ending June 30 was 9,932.

In the week ending June 23, the total number of cases statewide was 9,129.

Meanwhile the percentage of positive cases fell from 5.67% in the week ending June 23 to 5.59% in the week ending June 30.

Level of transmission in The Sun Chronicle coverage area — Low in Bristol County; Low in Norfolk County

Number of new cases for the 10-community coverage area since June 23, 2022 — 231 an increase of 59 or 34.30% from the 172 in the week ending June 23.

Percentage positive tests for the 10-community area — 5.59% down 0.08 points from the 5.67% recorded on June 23.

Percentage vaccinated with two shots — 71.38%

Percentage vaccinated with booster — 40.25%

Number of people currently hospitalized at Sturdy Memorial with coronavirus — 5

Percentage of coronavirus patients hospitalized at Sturdy Memorial who are unvaccinated — 0.00%, all five are vaccinated.

Number of deaths in The Sun Chronicle area since the week ending May 26 — Not available. There have been at least 379 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic in March of 2020.

That’s a death percentage of 0.89% or just under 1% of the 42,168 cases.

The current average age of death statewide is 81.

Massachusetts’ level of transmission, according to the CDC:

No counties have high levels of transmission.

The two island counties, Dukes and Nantucket have medium levels of transmission.

The remaining 12 counties Barnstable, Berkshire, Bristol, Essex, Franklin, Hampden, Hampshire, Middlesex, Norfolk, Plymouth, Suffolk and Worcester have low levels of transmission.

Percentage of positive cases in state — 5.52% that’s down 0.14 points from the 5.66% recorded in the week ending June 23.

                                          New cases                     Vax rates

Attleboro                                  62                               67.46

Foxboro                                   18                                79.17

Mansfield                                 29                                79.87

Norfolk                                      7                                76.03

North Attleboro                         26                               70.94

Norton                                     11                               67.43

Plainville                                  17                               78.24

Rehoboth                                 18                               58.30

Seekonk                                  15                               57.65

Wrentham                               18                               86.42

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