20 Minutes Till Dawn, the popular PC survival game, is launching for mobile later this year


Whether you’re a mobile, PC or console gamer, I can nearly guarantee that you’ve at least heard the name Vampire Survivors in recent months. After launching on Steam earlier this year, this cheap and simple roguelike survival game has garnered a massive fanbase and has also inspired many other games that seek to emulate some of its elements. One of these is entitled 20 Minutes Till Dawn and has also been available for a few weeks on Steam, but is also on its way to mobile later this year.

The concept of both of these games is very simple to understand and also ridiculously addictive. You’ll choose a character who has an innate ability associated with them from a vast roster and using this character, you’ll simply survive waves and waves of endless enemies as you walk around the screen. While in Vampire Survivors there is actually no attack button and you simply pick up items that auto-attack in various ways for you, 20 Minutes Till Dawn will see you directly attacking enemies around you as you also pick up items and create a build from a random selection of items that will be on offer each time you pick up enough XP from dead enemies to level up.


To tie it even further back, Vampire Survivors is heavily inspired by an already available game on mobile; Magic Survival. All three of these titles are, at the core, nearly identical, but differ in a few select ways. 20 Minutes Till Dawn hopes to differentiate itself from the other two with a unique anime art style and that direct combat mechanic, but we’ll have to see how it pans out when it drops onto mobile devices at some point this year. The PC version has seen a fair amount of positive reviews and success though, so it’s a safe bet that you can look forward to this one.

And if you are indeed eager to get your hands on it, you can pre-order 20 Minutes Till Dawn right now on the App Store. Currently, there’s no word on an Android release.

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