Trail of Ayash Takes Players Back in Time to Battle for Survival in the Precolumbian Era


‘Trail of Ayash’ is an open-world survival game set in the Precolumbian era and focused on the struggles of the indigenous peoples. 

Drinking water from a muddied pool. Image by ‘Trail of Ayash.’

You find yourself in a primitive world filled with the myths and legends of the indigenous peoples of the west (ie Native Americans). 

You have the opportunity to explore a country unblemished by colonization and full of wild creatures, and native tribes, but also haunted by creatures of darkness…

Explore the country, find food, build shelter, and survive the elements. As you explore you will interact with other tribes. You can build alliances and trade in times of peace. In times of war, you must crush your enemies or face a brutal death.

Then there’s the darkness. Monsters. An evil blend of body and spirit. These creatures are incredibly dangerous. There are over 14 different types of monsters, and each of them is unique, with special abilities and dangers.

Ancient rituals must be completed for power and healing. Image by ‘Trail of Ayash.’

You will need to perform indigenous rituals and use special medicine to protect and heal yourself from the monsters. You will play as the disgraced Ayash, fighting not only for survival, but to redeem yourself in the eyes of your own tribe and the other tribes.

Every decision you make will have an impact on the outcome of the open-ended campaign. You must prove your value and your worth by completing quests, investigating myths, and surviving hazardous ordeals, all based on the myths and legends of indigenous people.

‘Trail of Ayash’ is developed by ‘Nowsky,’ and is currently only available in demo mode.

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