Coronavirus restrictions in Scotland to remain unchanged for now


Nicola Sturgeon is continuing to resist calls to ditch the need for secondary pupils to wear face coverings in the classroom

Author: Paul KellyPublished 10 minutes ago

Covid restrictions in Scotland will remain unchanged for now, as the significant fall in infection levels witnesses in recent weeks starts to now level off, according to the First Minister.

Updating MSPs on Scotland’s response to the pandemic, Nicola Sturgeon said while we “may be close to the time when face coverings no longer need to be worn in the class room, we have not yet reached that stage”.

The issue of masks in school will be considered again on February 8, Ms Sturgeon added.

‘Continued caution is prudent at this stage’

She went on to say: “No-one wants young people to have to wear face coverings in the class room for a moment longer than necessary.

“But given the current uncertainty about infection trends in the immediate future, and the relatively high levels of Covid in the younger age groups, continued caution is prudent at this stage.”

But the leader of the Scottish Conservatives continues to push for face coverings in the class room to be removed immediately.

Douglas Ross, said: “Adults can go to the pub and not wear a face mask, but pupils in the classroom have to.”

“The First Minister said in her statement, ‘no one wants young people to have to wear face coverings in the classroom for a moment longer than necessary’.

“So, First Minister, just what needs to happen for your Government to remove the requirement for face coverings in our classrooms?”

FM says comparisons to pub trips don’t hold up

“What I narrated here was a situation that, because of the sensible, proportionate measures that have been taken, is much better than it would have been,” the First Minister said.

“Let me point out a couple of important differences; firstly, adults have a choice about going to the pub and mixing with other people – children don’t have a choice about going to school and mixing with other people and, secondly, children are less vaccinated than adults because the vaccination of children was recommended by the JCVI at a much later stage.

“These are all the reasons why it is right to continue to take a precautionary approach to the protection of children.”

Last week, 602 patients with Covid were admitted to hospital, down from 768 in the week ending January 21.

The latest figures also showed 1,177 people in hospital have Covid – down from 1,394 a week ago – with the number in intensive care also decreasing.

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