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New coronavirus cases fell for the fourth consecutive week in the area and for the fifth consecutive week statewide.

The number of new cases in the 10-community Sun Chronicle coverage area fell from 263 in the week ending June 16 to 208 in the one ending June 23.

That was a drop of 55 cases, or 21%.

The percent of positive cases in the area was 5.67%, which was just above the 5.66% statewide.

The statewide average age of death from the virus in the week ending June 23 was 80.

Statewide the number of new coronavirus cases fell from 10,138, or an average of 1,448 per day, to 9,129, or 1,304 per day.

That was drop of 144 cases per day, or nearly 10%.

It was the first time in 11 weeks that the total number of cases per week dropped below 10,000.

The level of transmission in The Sun Chronicle coverage area was low in Bristol and Norfolk counties.

Number of new cases for the area since June 16, 2022 — 208.

Percentage of positive tests for the area — 5.67%, down 1.85 points from the 7.52% recorded on June 16.

Percentage vaccinated with two shots — 71.34%

Percentage vaccinated with booster — 40.08%

Number of people currently hospitalized at Sturdy Memorial with coronavirus — 7.

Percentage of coronavirus patients hospitalized at Sturdy who are unvaccinated — 14.28%; six are vaccinated, one is not.

Number of deaths in area since the week ending May 26 — No poll take this week. There have been at least 379 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic in March of 2020.

That’s a death rate of 0.90% of the 41,973 cases.

The current average age of death statewide is 80.

Massachusetts’ level of transmission, according to the CDC:

No counties have high levels of transmission. One county, Dukes, has a medium level of transmission. The remaining 13 counties — Barnstable, Berkshire, Bristol, Essex, Franklin, Hampden, Hampshire, Middlesex, Nantucket, Norfolk, Plymouth, Suffolk and Worcester — have low levels of transmission.

Percentage of positive cases in the state — 5.66%, down 0.90 points from the 6.56% recorded in the week ending June 16.


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