5 Characters Most Likely To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse (& 5 Who Wouldn’t)


Content Warning: This article contains discussions of violence

It has been a while since the last season of Money Heist streamed on Netflix but the thrill of the upcoming season is as exciting as the hype it garnered last year. All the characters are interestingly well-written and they certainly left an impression on the audience in a good way.

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The sensation of getting stuck in a bank as a hostage is surely as traumatizing as any miserable encounters, and equally as terrifying as getting stuck with zombies inside it. These major characters are divided into two categories: those who have the willpower to survive and those who will perish at the hands of the undead.

9 Survive: Raquel Murillo

Lisbon and Tokyo-La Casa De Papel

Inspector Raquel Murillo, now called Lisbon, started as the Professor’s main rival in the show but eventually crossed to their side and became his partner during the later season. She was the head of the team responsible for dealing with the bank robbers.

A smart and cunning woman, Lisbon has more than enough knowledge and experience to survive a zombie attack. As a former police officer and inspector, she is skilled in handling guns and arm-to-arm fighting, so there is no doubt that she will stay alive during situations like this.

8 Perish: Arturo Román

Everyone hates this character because he is arrogant, self-absorbed, and heartless. Aside from his negative personality, he does not have as much skill to defend himself from the robbers. He also fails to be good at the only thing he does and that is to deceive people.

In a zombie outbreak, Arturo will surely die; not right away but eventually as the situation worsens. He might even sacrifice other people for his sake but in the end, many people would be delighted to see him get eaten alive.

7 Survive: Berlin

Pedro Alonso as De Fonolossa in Money Heist Season 1

As the self-proclaimed leader of the group, Berlin has got the uncanny skill of appealing to the people without the use of harm (at least in the first few seasons). He has the gift of persuasion as well as physical strength to fight and defend – both of which can be useful in times of an unexpected attack.

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Berlin will certainly thrive in a post-apocalyptic setting because he is well-equipped with the knowledge of using firearms and strategic survival methods. He is also an asset to the group because he is born a leader.

6 Perish: Mónica Gaztambide

Mónica was a secretary at the Royal Mint of Spain before she was held hostage when the robbers attacked the premises. During that time, she discovered she was pregnant with Arturo’s child while also striking up a surprising romance with Denver.

Unfortunately, it is likely that she would not be able to last long in a zombie apocalypse since does not have any fighting skills. It’s also likely she would become a liability to the group instead of a helping hand so there is a high chance she would get killed.

5 Survive: Nairobi

Money Heist Nairobi Death Scene

There is a reason why Nairobi is a fan favorite in Money Heist – she is already prepared to lead and step up whenever she is needed most (as evidenced by the time she took over the operation after Berlin was thrown out of the group). Nairobi may seem aloof and secluded but her character has so much to bring to the table. She is good at using guns and her wise and well-thought decisions can save many lives.

Nairobi is a tough woman. It is not easy to bring her down and she will give a whole show of fighting just to show who the boss is. Zombies won’t stand a chance against her—she will shoot them straight in the forehead.

Rio in Money Heist

From the beginning of the series, Rio is seen as the weakest link in the group. He is not as reliable as the other members and can get emotionally invested at times. While there have been moments where he has shown bouts of bravery, Rio does seem to mess up plans by going off-script and putting the lives of his crew in danger.

In a zombie encounter, Rio may either get bitten, trapped in their lair, or worst, turn into a zombie and attack his friends. Since he’s not as physically strong as the other members, he could also be overpowered by a zombie so there is very little chance of survival.

4 Survive: Tokyo

Undoubtedly the most strong-willed character, Tokyo is a feisty and skilled member of the heist gang. She is well-versed in using firearms, keeps a level-head when under pressure, and is someone that can be trusted. Even in times of desperation, she uses her wit instead of emotions.

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She is going to be a front-liner when a zombie outbreak attacks the city. Aside from her fighting skills, Tokyo is also a sensible person who knows the value of life so she will protect her friends and other people but certainly will not put her life at risk.

3 Perish: Helsinki

Helsinki eating a sandwich in Money Heist

He may look daunting because of his huge stature and body build but Helsinki is a true softie at heart. He is capable of sweet emotions and compassion, and this can be seen through his friendship with Nairobi. There were times when Helsinki lets his emotions affect him, and because of this, he might get in trouble.

Helsinki is probably the character with a half-percent chance of survival and the other half is misfortune. That being said, one cannot go into battle half-armored. He might survive the first few attacks but given a worse situation, Helsinki might just let his emotions blind his judgment.

2 Survive: The Professor

Money Heist Professor Royal Mint

The brain of the heist and the smartest man in the team, Sergio Marquina (better known as the Professor) would easily be able to outsmart the zombies. Although The Professor isn’t as physically strong as the other crew members, he makes up for it in other ways.

While the other members of the gang would go on forage, he would likely stay behind in the facility, trying to work out ways to keep them all safe. He may also be able to create some technology or security system that would keep the zombies away. If the zombies did encroach in on their safe haven, it’s likely he intrude will have entrapments and probably a few surprise bombs for them. The Professor may be the reason why some of the crew members could regain a sense of normalcy.

1 Perish: Denver

Denver is a reliable teammate when it comes to fighting and shooting guns but he lacks common sense and intuition. There were scenes where he displayed his exceptional physical strength yet it resulted in his girlfriend breaking up with him because he allowed his emotions to cloud his judgment.

He might survive the first few waves of the attacks but somewhere along the road, Denver will meet his fate due to his negligence and lack of thoughtful strategy. His acting on an impulse will certainly be the reason for his early demise.

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