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Seroprevalence is the percentage of individuals in a population who have antibodies to a certain disease.

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The first round of antibody testing, conducted in July, revealed out of more than 750 staff, or 60% of Lake Central’s eligible employee population, a majority of staff tested, had not yet been exposed to COVID-19.

Results have yet to come back from the group’s second round of antibody testing, and the students hope to know more by mid-May.

“As time has increased, there’s going to be more people who have COVID. That’s just how the nature of it is,” Weber said.

“We don’t know by how much. We don’t know the trends within that. It’s hard for us to really give a rough estimate because there’s a chance of someone testing positive, who may have not had it, or vice versa, someone who had may not test positive.”

Nguyen added the results need to accurately represent the population, and it isn’t as simple as dividing those who tested positive by the total population. 

“Even though we know that numerically more people tested positive, we don’t know whether or not the actual seroprevalence of the population increased because we don’t know whether or not it’s statistically significant,” Lopez chimed in.

Weber added the group is looking forward to seeing trends within the data, including if certain staff members across the district, or those who live in a specific ZIP code, have a higher chance of contracting COVID-19. 

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