Elmira woman struggles due to coronavirus pandemic


(WETM)- 22 year old Kyra Adams is like many others is facing hard times brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. Her troubles started after being laid off from her job. 

Adams says, “after they realized there was gonna be no more work because of COVID and no one really wanted to hire anyone new, and definitely have their own people that didn’t want to bring in another company, because I was one of the lower people on the totem pole. I basically got told, you know, we have to let you go. “

Adams lives in government supplemental housing which is income-based, but like many other places, there were cases of COVID found. She says when that happened the office closed down, “so I couldn’t tell them that I was no longer working so my rent couldn’t be fixed, couldn’t be changed. So, I was still expected this big pay the $530 and I didn’t have it.”

With bills coming in and still facing unemployment, Adams is not sure what her next step will be.  But, New York lawmakers are extending the residential eviction moratorium through May 1st of  2021 and she says this helps immensely.  

“I mean if I’ve had more time I definitely would pay it off. It’s not like I’m just trying to run from my problems. I’ve been trying. But again, I had to keep my phone on so I could try to apply for jobs. I’m the only one here and when I was working, I couldn’t get food stamps because I was making too much. And now with the Office being closed so long, I can’t get anything proven that I live here, so I can’t get help with food,” says Adams.

 Adams is still actively looking for work but the problem she says is, “because of COVID because no one’s hiring right now, because they’re laying off other people. They give you the interview and then they realize they don’t have a spot for you. And just no one’s hiring right now. So right now I have no idea what I’m going to do.”

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