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DETROIT – The number of confirmed cases of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in Michigan has risen to 454,956 as of Friday, including 11,274 deaths, state officials report.

Friday’s update includes 4,180 new cases and 66 additional deaths. On Thursday, the state reported a total of 450,776 confirmed cases and 11,208 deaths.

Michigan’s 7-day average for new COVID cases has declined the past 10 days to 4,095 as of Friday, Dec. 18. The state had a total of about 207,800 active cases of COVID-19 as of Friday.

Hospitalizations started to decline in December. As of Thursday night there were 3,376 inpatients with COVID at Michigan hospitals.

Coronavirus headlines:

VIEW: Tracking COVID-19 vaccine doses per Michigan county

VIEW: Tracking coronavirus cases, outbreaks in Michigan schools

The Michigan Senate passed a $465 million COVID-19 relief bill during session on the night of Friday, Dec. 19. Some of the money distribution includes $220 million for unemployment and $48 million for for COVID vaccine distribution and testing.

The bill is set to go to the Michigan House on Monday.

Learn more here.

The U.S. added a second COVID-19 vaccine to its arsenal Friday, Dec. 19, boosting efforts to beat back an outbreak so dire that the nation is regularly recording more than 3,000 deaths a day.

Much-needed doses are set to arrive Monday after the Food and Drug Administration authorized an emergency rollout of the vaccine developed by Moderna Inc. and the National Institutes of Health.

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer announced the state is revising its COVID-19 order to resume in-person high school classes, reopen certain indoor entertainment venues and allow non-contact outdoor sports and fitness classes.

MORE: Here’s everything that’s reopening under Michigan’s revised COVID-19 order

The state is currently under a “pause” that placed stricter COVID-19 regulations on restaurants, schools and more, but that order was scheduled to expire Sunday (Dec. 20).

Now, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services has issued a revised version of the order, which will be in effect until Jan. 15.

Here’s what’s opening and what remains closed under the order.

Here we are tracking COVID-19 vaccine doses distributed per 1,000 residents in each Michigan county:

A new tool created by Michigan health officials can calculate how likely a person is to get COVID-19 and how serious their infection could be based on their life situation and personal behaviors.

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services launched “CV19 CheckUp” — a free, anonymous tool that evaluates someone’s risks associated with COVID-19.

Click here to visit the CV19 CheckUp tool online.

“This tool, which we will make available to all Michiganders, helps individuals understand their risk based on their life situation and personal behavior, and offers recommendations to reduce those risks while also connecting people to services if needed,” said Dr. Alexis Travis, senior deputy director of the Aging & Adult Services Agency.

Travis said the tool can be used by all Michigan residents, but it’s specifically designed to help adults 60 and older. It is anonymous and does not require a name, email address or identifier of any type.

The tool used artificial intelligence to analyze each person through an online questionnaire. It is designed for those who are considered high-risk.

The tool’s algorithms are driven by science and medicine, using data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization.

Michigan COVID-19 daily reported cases since Dec. 1:

  • Dec. 1 — 5,793 new cases
  • Dec. 2 — 6,955 new cases
  • Dec. 3 — 7,146 new cases
  • Dec. 4 — 8,689 new cases
  • Dec. 5 — 6,004 new cases
  • Dec. 6 — 4,675 new cases
  • Dec. 7 — 4,675 new cases
  • Dec. 8 — 5,909 new cases
  • Dec. 9 — 4,905 new cases
  • Dec. 10 — 5,937 new cases
  • Dec. 11 — 5,157 new cases
  • Dec. 12 — 4,486 new cases
  • Dec. 13 — 3,602 new cases
  • Dec. 14 — 3,603 new cases
  • Dec. 15 — 4,730 new cases
  • Dec. 16 — 4,037 new cases
  • Dec. 17 — 4,024 new cases
  • Dec. 18 — 4,180 new cases

Michigan COVID-19 daily reported deaths since Dec. 1:

  • Dec. 1 — 190 new deaths (30 from vital records)
  • Dec. 2 — 81 new deaths
  • Dec. 3 — 175 new deaths (112 from vital records)
  • Dec. 4 — 81 new deaths
  • Dec. 5 — 193 new deaths (145 from vital records)
  • Dec. 6 — 46 new deaths
  • Dec. 7 — 47 new deaths
  • Dec. 8 — 191 new deaths
  • Dec. 9 — 75 new deaths
  • Dec. 10 — 182 new deaths (132 from vital records)
  • Dec. 11 — 61 new deaths
  • Dec. 12 — 206 new deaths (176 from vital records)
  • Dec. 13 — 45 new deaths
  • Dec. 14 — 45 new deaths
  • Dec. 15 — 183 new deaths (71 from vital records)
  • Dec. 16 — 83 new deaths
  • Dec. 17 — 190 new deaths (125 from vital records)
  • Dec. 18 — 66 new deaths

Coronavirus resources:

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