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Someone has been holding a sign reading “Pray to God to End the Pandemic.” Perhaps God was listening.

Many things had to come together to produce the remarkable Earth we now live on. Humans created the problems we now face. The Earth may soon become uninhabitable if we don’t change our ways.

Earth is now vastly overpopulated, beyond its carrying capacity and our president even cut off what little birth control aid we were giving the Third World, to pander to his base.

Our mining industries, petroleum industries, coal industries and farming industries are given permission to rape our planet and pollute our oceans and drinking water. In order to survive, humans must recycle everything instead of the little we do. If we can do it on Mars, why not in this country?

We must start converting to alternative energy, also.

Yes, God may be listening, but he thinks humans created this mess, so let them fix it. Humans have this big brain, and if we use it we may still survive extinction.

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