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Can a country divided survive?

We hear and deal daily with this new concept of social distancing. Most of us have accepted it as the new normal.

We will, in our future, learn to distance ourselves from one another. Our children will be taught that being close to one another is not healthy.

The old habit that some of us grew up with of hugging and shaking hands is now regarded as dangerous. I regret the loss of this closeness — these symbols of a bygone time.

I have to wonder if this new normal isn’t a symbol of another form of social distancing that has long been progressing well before this pandemic. Have we created an inseparable distance between Americans that has nothing to do with distance, but is related to status and political affiliation?

Friends, neighbors and families are now distanced by politics, some to the point of not speaking civilly with one another.

People of color are separated from other Americans by how they are treated by society and law enforcement.

America is greatly separated by the have and have nots. The gap between the wealthy and the less fortunate seems to grow daily, accelerated now by a pandemic.

Older Americans are experiencing greater loneliness, both physical and emotional.

Your explanation of why and how this happened will be shaded by your political views, but I don‘t think anyone can deny that we are becoming two Americas.

Have we broken the oath that we all thought we lived by? We are all in this together.

Can a country divided survive?

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